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Ready for cooler weather?

It may not feel like it yet, but Autumn is around the corner. Cooler days will be a welcome relief from this past summer’s brutal heat. Now’s the perfect time to have your heating system inspected by a qualified technician.Make sure your heater runs as efficiently as possible this fall and winter.

Why are yearly inspections important?

• They keep your system running. Regular maintenance has been proven to extend the life of your system.Don’t lose heat during the middle of winter.

• They lower utility bills. A clean system not only works better, it uses less energy.

• They help you avoid more costly repairs. Gas and electric furnaces have parts that can wear out or break. A full system check can help you catch problems before they cause more costly damage.

Changing filters yourself is one of the easiest things you can do to increase system performance and help your heating and cooling system last. Check the manufacturer instructions for filter location and size. Washable filters can usually be cleaned with soap and warm water.

It’s that time of year for a heater tune-up. Schedule yours today.

Have you had your heater tune-up this year?

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Does Your A/C Need A Tune Up?

Even though summer is already off and running, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get an A/C tune up. Although it’s always best to get one before you start using your A/C for the season, you can still get one right now.

Now’s also a good time to also get your heating system tuned up and ready for the fall months.

A/C Tune Ups

There are plenty of reasons to get an A/C tune up. Some of those reasons include:
• Helping to improve the efficiency of your A/C system and lowering your utility bill!
• Making sure your system runs properly
• Discovering problems before the system breaks down

Think of your A/C like a car—it’s always a good idea to get your car an annual tune up. Same goes for your A/C and heating unit.

An A/C tune up helps prolong the life of your cooling system.

When you take good care of the systems in your home by getting an A/C tune up and heating system check at least once a year, you won’t have to worry about the “what ifs.”

Allied Good Deals™
Right now Allied Home Warranty is offering a good deal on an A/C tune up: get a heating and A/C tune up for only $60!

You can get more Good Deals by visiting
the Allied Home Warranty website

How do you ensure your home systems are in tip-top shape?

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Introducing the Allied App For iPhone

In the current digital age, people are using their phones more and more to get things done. That includes making grocery lists, listening to music, watching videos and now even monitoring their home warranty coverage.

Yes, there’s an app for that!

The Allied App
Our customers are the best, and they’re always giving us feedback so we can give them more of what they need.

They told us they were sick of fine print, so we created the One Page Contract. They told us they wanted a way to manage their warranties on the fly, so we built the Allied app for iPhone.

With the Allied app, you can now:
• View your coverage
• Request service
• Set reminders for service or contract renewals
• Get answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions
• Review the Allied Homeowner Guide, a document full of tips for maintaining your appliances and the systems in your home

What’s more? The app is free!

We Want To Hear From You

Some of the comments this app has received so far include:
Just what I was waiting for!!! (5 Stars)
by jraw1004

“Awesome app! Glad I’m able to monitor on the go now.”

My iPhone takes care of my Home now…cool! (5 Stars)
by Louise Smith
“It is way easy and really nice to be able to place a service request for a repair by just using Allied Home Warranty’s iPhone app!”

Do you use the Allied app right now? Are you going to use it now that you know about it? We’d love to hear what you think!

Please leave your feedback on the iTunes store, just like these users did. Or leave a comment below

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3 Reasons to Buy A Home Warranty

There are plenty of reasons to buy a home warranty, but the biggest reason of all is also the most obvious: to protect your investment.

You just bought a house, you just became a homeowner. And with that comes a lot of additional responsibility, like fixing stuff when it breaks.

If you don’t buy a home warranty, you’re going to have to come out of pocket every time you need to repair or replace something. Which, depending on the age of your home, could cost quite a bit.

More Reasons to Buy A Home Warranty
Other than protecting your investment, there are two other main reasons to buy a home warranty:

• Save on Out-of-Pocket Expenses—when you buy a home warranty, usually you only have to come up with a small service fee in order to get something in your home repaired or replaced. That’s a whole lot cheaper than the alternative.

• There When You Need It—when something goes wrong and you need to make a service claim, the home warranty you bought will be there for you. The company’s customer service team will be there to take your request, find you an approved service provider and send them out to your home quickly.

When you don’t buy a home warranty, you have to locate your own service provider and not all of them will be immediately available to help you. Which means you could wait days to have something in your home repaired or replaced, even if you need to use it now.

Is those are not reason enough for you, how about this one—think back to the last time something broke in your home.

How many days did it take for the repairperson to show up and fix it? How many days before you actually had the money to call the repairperson? Think about the hassle, the cost, the stress of not having that item working in your home.

Now isn’t it worth taking the time to buy a home warranty, just so you don’t have to go through that again?

What compelled you to buy a home warranty?

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Introducing the Allied Referral Program

Whether you realize it or not, you spend a lot of your life giving you opinion on things. You tell your friends your opinion on current events, news or the latest movie. You share the list of companies you love and companies you hate.

And you do it all for free.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get paid for telling people how much you love a company?

Allied Referral Program
When you’re an Allied Home Warranty customer, you can earn money every time you refer a friend or family member to Allied and they purchase Allied’s current homeowner coverage. It’s that easy.

With the Allied Referral Program, you get $25 Visa Award Card for every person who purchases a home warranty and enters your full name into the referral box. It’s really that simple!
And your Allied Referral Program rewards are unlimited—refer as many people as you want.

Steps To Take
Here are the steps required to earn money through the Allied Referral Program. Tell your friends and family to:

2. CLICK Order a Plan for Current Homeowners
3. CHOOSE "Client Referral" and make sure they list your full name

Once the person is a confirmed Allied Home Warranty customer, you’ll get a $25 Visa Award Card.

Things To Keep In Mind

There are a couple things to keep in mind regarding the Allied Referral Program:
• In order to earn the $25, you must already be an Allied Home Warranty customer
• Your friends and family must enter your full name into the “Client Referral” box

If you visit, you’ll find a referral form you can fill out to refer your friends and family to become Allied customers.

Don’t you love getting paid to refer people to a company you’re already a customer of?

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